"I can't write enough superlatives about the amazing, gorgeous art Hook produces. The book itself is quite handsome and large and the art reproductions are superb. I gasped in astonished admiration almost every time I turned a page. As soon as I finished I immediately read it all over again. And again. This is a must-have book for both artists and collectors!
             -  Alberta, Canada


"Today found me in front of the fireplace once again going though and reading every single line written in the Retrospective. Including your cousin's prose, which is a great complement to the paintings, was masterful....thank you for making the book a fine work of art in and of itself. I am proud to display it, even though it may get a bit worn from looking at it over and over."
                - Denver, CO


"Wow! And to think I know the subject of that magnificent book.....to see your career to date chronicled so well and accomplanied by illustrations almost as dazzling as the original works of art themselves!"            
                 - New York, NY


"Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how impressed I am with your book. I think it's the most beautiful art book I've ever seen.  It's an absolute joy to look at all the paintings and I'm really enjoying reading the text as well."            
                - Leawood, KS

"It's not good...it's a real masterpiece! Your writing and sharing of information is also perfection I now know why you have been such a successful teacher."
              -  Carmel, CA


"When I got it, I sat down and read it cover to cover.  It is a stunning retrospective and very inspirational to me as an artist. The images are beautifully done and the text is very interesting."            
              -  Ross, CA

"Love the book! Really well done."
             -  Redbank, NJ

"Our book just arrived. We are speechless and slightly stunned with its beauty.  It is a true treasure."
             -  Kingwood, TX

"Absolutely one of the finest art books you will ever see. Great reproductions, and a wonderful retrospective of Hook's career. This is an artist who is not afraid to take chances and masters risky paintings. His choice of brilliant color combined with technical expertise showcase his talent."
             -  from Amazon

"Beautiful large images of Hook's paintings make this book just what I hoped for."
             -  Phoenix, AZ


"Wonderful book that is beautifully printed."
            -   Tulsa, OK

"My favorite inspirational art book!"
             -   Portland, OR

From the author:

Hook's connection to his cousin and middle-name namesake, author Willa Cather (1873-1947), prompted an investigation of Cather's fiction, essays, and recently published letters. Although he never met her, Hook has read many of her novels and essays. In addition to sharing midwestern roots, he and Cather have a profound affection for the land and their philosophies of expressing that love are remarkably parallel.  As Cather described in a letter, "It's the heat under the simple words that counts. I early learned that if you loved your theme enough you could be as mild as a May morning and still make other people care."  Accordingly, we could not resist including her works where they convey the spirit of Hook and his art.

In retrospect, other themes also became apparent:  Hook's passion for the shapes of light and dark, his penchant for pattern and dynamic design, his commitment to craftsmanship, and his goal of uniting traditional and modern by commingling pictorial illusion with pure paint - essentially, recording evocative subjects in sophisticated color relationships and surface treatments that reflect nature's harmonious abstractions.


About the book:

For three decades, the signature “W.C. Hook” has connoted dynamic design, saturated color, and muscular brushwork. William Cather Hook’s ability to straddle the border between pictorial illusion and pure paint, between traditional yet modern, has won him collectors worldwide.

Less well-known about this master of acrylics is the breadth of his subject matter.   In this retrospective of paintings dating from the early 1980s to the present, Hook guides the reader on a journey that includes the back roads of northern New Mexico, the high country of the Colorado Rockies and Sangre de Cristos, California’s Pacific coastline and central valley, the reaches of the Sonoran Desert, and historic vistas in England and Italy. Whether depicting crashing surf, aspen forests, or luminous big skies, Hook’s vision is inviting, vibrant, and infused with radiant light.

The former editor of Southwest Art magazine, Susan Hallsten McGarry, has authored much more than just a picture book as she explores Hook’s working methodology and his biography, from his Kansas roots to his current studios in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Carmel, California. Hook’s namesake cousin, Pulitzer Prize winning author, Willa Cather, is deftly quoted throughout the book as her love of the land parallels Hook’s passion for capturing the nuances of earth, sea, and sky.

SF Design/Fresco Books is responsible for the design and production, with printing in Italy. The superior quality printing provides every page with brilliant color reproduction that remains true to each of Hook’s dazzling paintings.

This book is truly an exceptionally beautiful art book, unlike any other art book you’ve seen!



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